Weekend and 4 Weeks!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend and 4 Weeks!

Sorry folks for the MIA yesterday.  It's hard to think it's no longer the weekend when my husband is home.  So I consider my weekend officially ending last night.  Anyways, we had a pretty chill weekend but had some fun!  On Friday night Aunt Danielle came in town.  YAY for someone to play "diapers on my head" with.  lol.  She met us, Aunt Lacie and Not Uncle Phil and Aunt Kacie and Uncle Buck at Tequilas.  Everyone survived and stayed sane with two babies thanks to some STRONG margs.  But oh so good.  After dinner we all headed to our homes.  I really wanted to go to the football game so Aunt Danielle, Stella and I headed out.  It was so nice to see and talk to people I hadn't ran into in awhile.  And Lord all mighty Stella LOVED it!!  Cheered when everyone cheered, LOVED the fireworks and loved all the kids.  And even better, she slept until 9:30 the next day.  Can I get an AMEN?!!?  Needless to say we are going to every.single. home game from here on out.  Anything for a baby who sleeps until 9:30, right?!
Once everyone was up on Saturday morning we headed to Nana's house where Aunt Lacie had made breakfast.  We just hung out there for a bit and then headed home to enjoy a walk with Aunt Danielle.  Once we got back and everyone had a nice nap we headed to the balloon release at the bank my sister works at.  Stella could have cared less about the balloons but she was LOVING the chalk!
Aunt Danielle was on Henry duty for a bit.  But we all got our fair share of chasing Stella and writing with chalk.
Hey Angie, there's your Momma.  lol.  Even Henry got a balloon.  This cracks me up because he totally looks like he is holding it.  But his tongue sticking out says that he's not a fan of it.  Bahaha.  Oh Hen....
After the balloon release Daddy was finally home so we played outside for a bit and then Stella and I decided to do church.  Wow, BAD idea.  Needless to say we LEFT 20 minutes into it.  I have never left church before.  The devil was in my child.  I had no idea what else to do besides leave.  And cry.  Lord lord lord.  Once we got home and devil child went STRAIGHT to bed and Mommy cracked open a cold one.  And I was much better.  Then we headed to Rocher for my cousin's birthday party.  Another hard night of Stella playing equals GOOD sleep which also equals happy parents.  lol.
Sunday I was getting a Mommy free day.  Ok, more like afternoon.  My old roomie from Hickey was in town for another Hickey girls bridal shower.  So we did a little shopping and bridal showering.  And it was GREAT!  Once we got home I don't even remember what we did.  And that's horrible because it was just two days ago.  All I remember is that Sunday nights are Josh's nights to get up with Henry and Henry slept for SIX hours.  What the what?!?!  Ha, when we heard him on the monitor at 4 a.m. we both said, ummm, did you get up with him at all and we both said nope.  Then we both had a little PTL moment.  lol.  However I need to have a little come to Jesus with Henry.  Henry, we do this whole six hours of sleeping on Mommy's nights, ok?!!?  lol.  jk, jk.
Monday we had a lazy day.  Ran errands, played outside, went on walks.  Just enjoyed some family time.
And now today Henry is officially 4 weeks old.  I guess a month old, but I won't say that until Friday, when he is REALLY a month old according to the date.  He is doing great!!  Still only poops once a day, and it's no fun until he gets it out.  We have done the whole qtip with some Vaseline up his booty (yeah no fun for him OR Mommy), watered down apple juice, and watered down prune juice.  Nothing has really loosened him up, but it does offer him some relief.  I guess he is ok with the one poop a day.  Anyways, he is getting so big.  Most newborn stuff is tight, so he is mostly all 0-3 month clothes.  He is still a belly sleeper and I kick myself every day for not having Stella be a belly sleeper too.  He sleeps sooooooooo good!!  He eats like crazy!  No joke, almost 4 full ounces AND we put cereal in his bottle.  Ha, hungry growing boy.   Still not much of a binky baby, but takes one here and there.  All in all he's chill and so relaxed, so thank you for that Heni.  Sister still hasn't figured out how to be chill and relaxed.  lol.
Hopefully we will have our CB pictures online soon.  Since our first family pictures were a mess.  So stay tuned for those.  YAY!  Have a great week, we are off for a walk!


Ashley Mitchell said...

Henry is too. stinkin. cute!! :) Now lets just hope he sleeps 6 hours for momma!

Adrien said...

You make being a mom of two seem easy peasy! I totally meant to go to the bank on Saturday and then I just completely forgot about it. Darn!

It's possible that part of Henry's poop issues are from the cereal...I know when we gave it to Evie she didn't poop for a week! Haha. And other moms have told me their babies had constipation issues with it, too. Who knows! As long as his belly isn't hard you're good. :)

Heather said...

Busy busy weekend! I agree with Adrien. You make 2 kids look like no problem at all.


Anonymous said...

I seen my mom in that pic and said to myself- Hey theres my mama! Then I seen what you wrote, I thought that was funny! :)

Me and Megs were there for a little bit, too bad we missed you...but Megan just wanted to run around & there was not much for her to do.....& I think we went too early...next time we will have to go closer to the balloon release. But my mom stayed with my neice.

Meagan said...

I'm going to have to agree with everyone else...you make having 2 kids look super easy!! Fingers crossed it's that way at my house too!

Cassie said...

well thank you but i don't know about all of that. it's rough at time. i do have a lot of help from my sisters and mom for sure!! trust me i have my VERY stressfull moments! lol.

Andrea Ingles said...

I forgot to tell you...Jay used to only go to the bathroom once every 4 days, like clockwork, once we got his formula straightened out. I was always so concerned about it, but the doctor told me as long as he wasn't in pain while getting it out, not to worry about it!