Meet This Momma - Jackie

Friday, September 9, 2011

Meet This Momma - Jackie

Meet Jackie and her bald little baby girl Loreli and almost bald baby Daddy Eli.  Ha, kidding Eli!!  I remember the day Jackie posted Loreli's name on FB I just fell in love.  I was like oh em gee, I LOVE that name!!  Good thing I am having a boy this time around or else I might have stolen your name.  Ha, kidding (kinda....).  Anyways, Jackie is too funny.  She is always going a mile a minute and ALWAYS a good time.  Her laugh can seriously make ANY one laugh.  She has such a great personality and is always so friendly.  Oh and she makes some REALLY awesome cakes, hit her up for your kid's next birthday party!!
Jackie had a ROUGH delivery.  Ugh, if I was her I would be like, end of story.  You are going to read the words, vaginal c-section and no joke, want to grab your crotch.  Oww-wee.  I think it's totally fair for her to tell Eli he has to carry the next baby.  lol.  So, on to Jackie.....
Name: Jackie Esker
Age: 25
Number of Kids: 1
Names (and meanings):  Loreli Marie Aubuchon...we couldn't decide on a name and after she was born we went through the 3 names we had and decide on this one and then Eli asked me how i wanted to spell it and I said I didn't care because I got the name I wanted...and so he looked in the baby book and this was the very last spelling and he fell in love with it because it has his name in it too! We picked Marie as a middle name because that is my middle name! So she has a little bit of both of us in her name!
Age of kid(s): 16 months
Number of desired kids: For right now I am good with Loreli but I could maybe see have one more child in the future...very far future!!
Natural (epidural?) or C-Section: It was Natural...but it was a bad one...the nurses told me they call what I had a vaginal c-section...painful is all I have to say! I had an epidural but I didn't take it till I was at an 8...I was scared but after I did it I was like why didn't I do this sooner!
Breast, Formula, or both: Both....I breast fed for about 2 or 3 weeks and then my supply stopped so we switched to formula for alittle bit but Loreli was allergic so we went to goats milk and then to soy....crazy I know!
Cloth or Regular: Regular...I don't think that I could do cloth
SAHM or Work (doing what?): Work...I work for Country Insurance and for the most part I love my job because my boss lets me come and go and is very flexible but it can be slow so I get bored alot. I am off on Tuesday so that I have one day with Loreli which is nice! I also work at the ball diamonds which I enjoy for the most part and every once in the awhile I fill in at The V
Something that people don’t know about you: I have a fake tooth that I can take in and out....I lost my baby tooth and my adult tooth never came in...I still have some of my baby teeth...weird!
Your biggest parenting secret: I don't run to Loreli when she falls or starts crying....I just tell her to get up, you are ok and then she normally just goes on about her business...If I know its a bad one I just say its ok and if I can tell she is gonna loose it, I just comfort her. But normally she just shakes it off. I think this has been a good thing because she seems pretty tough and doesn't cry alot.
Show us your pregnant self before giving birth: I was about a month from giving birth when we decided to have maternity pictures done....
I had to add a funny one too! I don't know who's belly is bigger!
A picture of your kids: This is from Loreli's 12 month photo shoot
A picture of you and your hubby/baby daddy: This is from when we first got together but I just love this pictures of reminds me of how we were before our lives got all crazy...if you know what I mean.
The best piece of parenting advice you have ever been given: Don't wake a sleeping baby....if they are hungry they will wake up and let you know!!!
Ok, I never looked at her name that way, TOO CUTE!  What a good Daddy Eli is.  Awww.  And yes, RIGHT with you on the cloth diapers.  How some Mom's do it, I am like good for you.  I would be a gagging fool.  lol.  And ahhhh, yes the days before our lives got all crazy.  But they are a beautiful crazy now!!  Thanks again Jackie!!


Kim Luke said...

Every time I think about Jackie's birth experience my crotch hurts! lol
And I just love bald babies. ugh, so much!!

I never realized Eli was in her name either, how special!!!!

Adrien said...

I LOVE the name Loreli, too and it was on my short list for both girls. :) Jackie, the first time I heard about your birth experience my jaw dropped and my eyes watered. Ouch! You have a beautiful little girl, and you have such a sweet spirit. :)

Heather said...

I thought we agreed the words "vaginal c-section" were never going to be spoken again after Bunco night?

Cassie, I'm a little offended that I wasn't asked to do a mommy profile. I guess Penny just doesn't count :( *sniff sniff*!

Jackie said...

Thanks Cassie you are too kind!

Yes I have a very bald baby and Daddy...I just hope Loreli fills in better then her Daddy....poor guy finally got hair at the age of 10 and started losing it at age 11! Let hope she got my hair gene and its just take awhile to come in!

LOL...we have had that alot that no one realizes that its got Eli name in it...I guess becasue we decided with that name it just stands out! LOL!

I have a whole diffrent feel about deliver then when I did before Loreli....let just hope that does not happen again....becasue I really am not sure it will. It has put a fear in me like no other!