Meet This Momma - Beth

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet This Momma - Beth

Beth had me at her very first post.  I knew she was my kinda girl.  She was debating on starting a blog and wondered if her life was anything exciting to blog about, as she sat there thinking her son walked past her in the kitchen, completely nude, pushing his lawn mower and right then and there she knew starting a blog was going to be well worth it.  Ha, too funny!!  The things I get to look foward to with my little boy!!  I believe she is originally from the area (maybe went to school with my husband?!?) but now lives about 500 miles away.  Check her and her cute little boy out over at My Kind of Wonderful!
Name: Bethany Underwood
Number of Kids: 1
Names (and meanings): John Joseph ... John means God is Gracious, it is also my Dad's name. Joseph means God will increase. It was also my great-grandpa's name. But we call our little man JJ.
Age of kids: He will be 2 in September!
Number of desired kids: We're thinking 3.
Natural (epidural?) or C-Section: Ugh. My right leg got an epidural... it was "mis-administered" - awesome. But don't worry, I still had to pay the anesthesia bill in full. So I got to have a natural childbirth.
Breast, Formula, or both: I started out nursing, but JJ was tongue-tied and had to have the little piece of skin under his tongue burned back. By the time we got everything straightened out, at 3 weeks old he had learned to eat wrong and had to bottle feed.
Cloth or Regular: Regular!
SAHM or Work (doing what?): I'm a SAHM and a trophy wife, lol
Something that people don’t know about you: My ring fingers on each hand are drastically different in, the knuckles don't even match up!
Your biggest parenting secret: Kids aren't too breakable. Play with them, wrestle them, tickle them and have FUN with them every day. It's over too fast not to :)
Show us your pregnant self before giving birth:
A picture of your kid(s):
A picture of you and your hubby/baby daddy:
The best piece of parenting advice you have ever been given: They are only little once, a dirty house can wait.
Girl, they STILL made you pay for that epidural?!?!  NO way!!  Wow.  Kudos to you for going all natural.  I envy the woman who can.  And you are just GLOWING in that nine month picture.  Adorable.  Thanks again Beth!


Adrien said...

I think it's such a great idea to have these posts while you're spending your first days with Henry. You smart cookie! :)

Christine said...

Cassie's right... you are glowing in the 9 month picture! But I bet you were thinking, "GET THIS BABY OUT." :)

Beth said...

Thanks, ladies! I did go to HS with your hubby!! It's so funny whenever I tell my husband something off your blog I always say "So you know that blog I read from that girl that I went to HS with her husband but actually don't really know her?" LOL!

I'm glad you all think I was glowing because it was the end of August and I think most of that glow is straight up sweat :)

Cassie said...

Adrien - thanks!!

Beth - HILARIOUS. i kinda say the same thing to Josh. too funny. And I feel ya with the sweat, but really you do look awesome in that pic! Thanks again for doing this!

Mary Cavalier said...

Hi Cassie! I know both you and Beth. Enjoyed catching up on your life. Beautiful family!