Confession Friday

Friday, September 30, 2011

Confession Friday

Can I get a PTL for it FINALLY being Friday?!?
Ha, there we go!
I confess this may be my favorite onesie of all time.  Thanks Dad!
It's been a long week.  Hen decided to be awake from 2:30 - 6:30 on Wednesday night.  Especially when Stella turns around and is awake at 7:00.  Made for a long long day.

I confess that I might be ending a near 10 year relationship soon.  Me and CL just aren't getting along the way we used to.  You know, Coors Light.  I know I have been out of commission for a long nine months but Lord the stuff lately has been giving me a major headache.  It's sad.  CL has been good to me and brought a ton of memories.  I expect it to be a very very messy break up.......

I confess that Stella has been teething lately and has a shitty diaper at least three times a day.  And I left poop stains on her quilt for a good week.  Whoops.  I know gross, but I was lazy and they were small, but visible.  Regardless gross and lazy.  Don't worry I made up for it by putting extra Downy in the washing machine when I washed it and now the quilt and her room smell amazing!!

I confess that I lost my Pumpkin Spice virginity last night.  Lord all mighty what have I been waiting 24 years for?  If you haven't experienced this kind of pleasure, get to your nearest Starbucks, PRONTO!

I confess that I think it's funny when my daughter doesn't want her picture taken and I do it anyways.
Just like Momma in the mornings, don't talk to me until I talk to you.
And I also think it's funny when she wears head wraps that are supposed to cover your ears as a girl scout sash.  Bahaha.  No joke, I think she forgot it was there, she wore it almost ALL day.

I confess that my daughter looks like Gary and Amber's daughter Leah from Teen Mom in this picture and it makes me laugh really really hard.
I mean was it just me or did they seriously carry her around in her pumpkin seat until she literally was like feet hanging over the edge WAY to big to be in the damn thing anymore.  I mean I couldn't imagine lugging that around.

And totally not a confession, but HOLY October!!  Can we get any busier?!?!

I confess that someone once said, losing your baby weight after the second kid is a lot harder than the first and I am feeling that way this week.  That ugly, I had a boy line, is STILL on my stomach and it makes me sick to look at it.  And my jeans fit but are no where near flattering.  Ahhhhhhh - go away weight!!
On a lighter note I finally spotted bleeding and enjoy the nice smell of burnt skin in the tanning bed.  Ahhh, I have missed you tanning bed!!

I confess that I am ridiciously stoked to hit up a huge yard sale pre-sale today.  Hoping to score a TON of clothes for Stella and some toys too!!  Yay for yard sales!!

I confess that I am obsessed with Courtney from Most Eligible Dallas.  Her style, her hair, the way that she knows what she wants and won't settle.  Yes, obsessed.  Might even be a slight girl crush.

Ok, I finally, the last one.  Bahaha, this is ridic I know, but it's so true.  I confess that I have caught myself 139328093285 times pulling Henry's diaper out to see if he has pooped and totally think he has and then I take him to his room to get changed and open the diaper and yep, no poop, that was just his balls.  Bahaha, never had that problem with Stella.  lol.  Ha, so now I like triple check, poop, wait, nope, not poop, balls.
Ok, and also I totally know why guys are ALWAYS adjusting now, I swear I have to like peel his junk from his diaper.  Poor thing.  Those things just stick to everything.

Ha, I will leave you with that nice visual for the weekend.  Lol.  Enjoy the cool weather!!
And Happy One Month to Heni today!!


Heather said...

I confess that I have started recording the Real World. And an even biggest confession was that the commercials are what roped me in and the only reason I watched the first episode was because I was curious to see if Sam was a man or a woman.

And thanks for that last confession. It made me laugh. And laughing hurts damnit!

Katie said...

Hahaha I had to share that last confession with Jake. Thanks for that :) Hope Henry never reads this blog :)

Adrien said...

That onesie is too funny!

I confess that I thought "CL" was craigslist. ;)

Hahaha...I'm really glad you made that last confession, so if I ever have a boy someday I won't be thinking that I'm totally weird. :)

sblind2 said...

OMG....that last confession is hilarious-that never happened to me!!

You should try Bud Select or Select 55, no can get bombed on that stuff and never have a headache!!

Meagan said...

bahahaha!! I don't think that ever happened to me with Keegan but now I'm going to be wondering every time I check Carson's diaper if he actually pooped or if it's his balls!!

I confess that I have been extremely lazy lately...I couldn't even tell you the last time I actually made supper and yesterday I didn't eat lunch because I decided to take a 3 hour nap instead.

Anonymous said...

Love Stella's "girl scout sash" hahah too cute!!

I confess that I got REALLY close to my computer screen to make sure my wedding was what was marked for Oct 8th on your calendar. :) See you next saturdsy!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

I with you on the baby weight thing..and my baby is 4 months old!!! I need to stop stuffing my face.

I Love anything pumpkin, yum.

And thinking the balls were poop, I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who has done that, and I have 2 boys. They look like poop! It's dark in that diaper damn it!

Danielle0418 said...

I'm sure you aren't going to want to hear this confession but Brinley is almost 8 months old and I STILL have that line on my stomach...STILL....will it ever go away?!?!

Melinda Bradley said...

Cassie, I hate to say it but my son is 9 1/2 months old and I still have that line! It is a lot lighter now, but still there..ugh!

I confess that every time I read the word balls....I had to laugh! BAHA!

I am so glad to read that I am not the only "lazy" on out there. Its not that were lazy, were tired! am I right?! and the Hubs just doesn't get it because he works all day and hes not lazy like that... ahhhhhh ok

Well, Happy One Month Henry!!!