Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was a good day.  I had a coupon BURNING a whole in my wallet.  No joke.  $100 off a $300 purchase at Coach.  Now, let me plead my case.  I have never owned a Coach purse.  I have a clutch, a pair of shoes, a ring, and a headband.  That's it.  No joke, the cost of those four things probably don't even add up to how much this purse cost.  AND did I mention I am pregnant, it's August, it's effing hot and well, I just freaking think I deserve this.  And it all came outa my own pocket.  So let me introduce you to my new lover.......
Ohhh she's a beaut!!  That pretty bag on the right had me drooling all the way home.  Those colors just get a girl giddy I tell ya.  And the picture on the right is what is really looks like.  It's MAJOR (ha, thanks Posh Spice).
Oh AND on Friday we found out that Josh got a new job!!  YAY!!  He will be starting out at the Power Plant in August.  We find out today what his hours will be.  I have a feeling nights are the in cards, (again, WHY I deserved this purse).  But PTL for a closer drive and being able to get rid of one of our three vehicles.  I have NEVER been of fan of being a three vehicle family and only having two people who can drive, but oh well.  Looks like we will soon be down to two.  YAY!  AND now I am trying to convince the hubs into selling the truck and then trading in the car for a four door Jeep.  Sounds like the PERFECT idea to me.  Anyways, so we were on cloud nine with the good news, so happy that we decided to celebrate with a trip to Target.  Ha, kidding.  But we sure do know how to get wild and crazy.  Actually I made Josh go with me because we no longer have that kid who wants to stay in the cart anymore.  And boy oh boy are shopping trips, FUN.  Ha.  Needless to say it was a quick trip, not much browsing, get what's on the list and let's go.  Of course neither of us had cash so we had to close our eyes as we drove past the ice cream place in Smithon on our way home.  I wish they took debit.  Ha, kidding.
Saturday morning of course Stella was up bright and early.  6:45 a.m.  Awesome.  So the coffee was a brewing bright and early.  Daddy of course got to sleep in (damn that Daddy).  By time he got up we were done with breakfast and the coffee just wasn't doing it for me.  So we loaded up the car and headed for some Sweet Tea at McDonalds.  Stella gets the biggest kick out of Abbie riding in the car so she tagged along too.
I promise she is a happy dog.  She is just starring at the first window because she knows she gets a treat at that window.  lol.  And of course we went pants-less, because that's how we roll. 
I will let you figure out yourself if Mommy wore pants or not too.  Ha, kidding.  Later that day we had a baby shower to go to in Evansville.  Stella had a blast walking around telling everyone hi and bye.  She even gave Lyla a kiss bye.  It was too cute.  (and PLEASE ignore my double chin, yuck!)
Of course she had had no nap all day so church was NOT in the cards for that night. 
No sleep + church = disaster. 
When we FINALLY got her to go to sleep she was out for about an hour.  And so was Mommy.  Once we woke up Dad was in the mood to treat us to some Dairy Queen ice cream and we had a coupon for a free redbox rental.  Of course he rented some total guy movie so Stella and I nestled in bed together and watched Sex and The City 2.  Perfect Mommy Stella movie, right?  Ha.
Sunday morning I had to work at CK.  Man oh man it took a beaten on my body.  I was whooped when I got home.  We relaxed around the house and actually enjoyed some time outside since it had rained a bit that day.  It felt great out there.  Haven't been able to say that in a long long time.  Aunt Lacie came over since she had been gone all weekend at the lake with her boyfriend.  Stella opted for some photo shoot time with her.
I would call that third picture her "sexy" look.  Ha.  And that second picture is her totally shoving goldfish in her mouth.  If you look closely at the fourth picture, you can see how many she really has in there.  Ha, goof.  We finished up the evening at my Mom's house with some pizza.  My Mom and Lacie swore I was going to have this baby last night (or sometime REAL soon).  Let's just say I was in the bathroom quite a bit dropping the kids off at the pool, Stella was being SUPER clingy and things were just plain weird.  They said I was cleaning myself out for baby and Stella was getting her last bit of time before brother comes.  Ha, so you never know!!!  But no baby last night and feeling "normal" today.  We finished the evening with some Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Man oh man did it put me in the Christmas mood.  Ha, well minus all their drama.
And Happy Christmas in July!!  I never understood why it's Christmas in July when really half way is June.  Oh well.  And no music on 102.5, what the?!  What happened to traditions here people?!  Hope you all had a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new purse!!
Yay on the new job, Josh!
hahah love the photo shoot!

p.s. When I got to work this morning not really sure why but I thought I wonder if Cassie had Henry. Glad to see your at work and he is still hanging out in there!

Adrien said...

That is GREAT that Josh got a job at the power plant. They have awesome benefits! Congratulations!

That's so true about June being the halfway point. But I love Christmas and hate freezing weather, so I'll take Christmas in July, haha.

Katie said...

Jealous of that Coach purse! I could also use some Christmas music right about now. I also start listening to it in November so July really isn't that much earlier, right?!

Heather said...

Can't believe you were being all snotty on my blog about my bloody marys and pizza, then you break out a new Coach on yours. NOT FAIR!!!!

Cassie said...

thanks for the purse compliments. glad you all approve!! :)

katie - i hear ya on the music. might be loading up the ipod on the way home. lol.

heather - i know i know. but bloody marys and sue's pizza are way cheaper and omg, just so good!!

Christine said...

I am feeling you on the RHONJ last night. Totally put me in a Christmas mood, but who the eff dresses like that for a holiday party?!?! I'm talking Melissa & Theresa, of course.

Kristen said...

OMG!!! I love your purse!! Is that from the Kristin collection?? Jake got me one just like that for my birthday this year and I'm obsessed with it. Just watch out when you are wearing it across the body when you have dark wash jeans on because they will rub off on it. My purse is a lighter color though so it may not do that to yours!

Jackie said...

Love the purse...I have never owned anything coach! It's amazing how daddy's always get to sleep in and not moms! We roll pants-less sometimes too!

Cassie said...

Christine - OMG YES! Ha, even Josh said that, this is a christmas party, right?! Ha.

Kristen - HEY!!! thanks for commenting. and yes, it's from the Kristin collection. I just love it!! thanks for the tip i wil have to pay attention to that!!

Jackie - YES!! i know. i said my days of sleeping in are few and far between can't i just have one day. and all i get back are zzzzzz's. ugh!!! thanks for listening a-hole. lol.

sblind2 said...

Brody and I always watch Sex and the City! Last night he looked at me and was saying "da da da da"(I just know he was trying to sing the theme song) and moving his arms like we do when the song is on. It's going to suck when they are older and we can't watch that kind of stuff around them! lol