Criss Cross Applesauce

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Criss Cross Applesauce

Definitely no big squeeze over here OR cool breeze. 
But I MAY just have got the shiveries today at the baby doc. 
No joke. 
So a few days back I had some "stuff" happen.  Ok, so just a little bit of bleeding.  No big deal.  That's just how I roll.  It kinda takes a lot for me to freak out.  I was on my feet at lot that day and so I just thought maybe I over exerted myself.  No big deal.  And it stopped pretty quick.  So whatever, no need to make a special appointment to my doctor, I will be there every Tuesday until this baby comes I will just tell him then.
So today was the day. 
Now my doc is awesome. 
SUPER laid back. 
Like no joke, when he came in to deliver Stella and I was told to spread em' (not technically but all you Momma's know after you have been at the hospital for over six hours and you feel like every nurse on the floor has seen your stuff, you automatically go up the the stirrups the second any hospital employee walks in the door) he saw so much of the top of her head all he could say was, "Woah, let me put my drink down so I can catch her before she comes out." 
Five pushes and fifteen minutes later.....
Bam a baby was born. 
Just like yeah NBD (no big deal). 
I mean I think I would have probably switched doctor's if he yelled something like, "HOLY COW we got a head!"  Because really who wants to hear that when they can't see ANYTHING down there to begin with. 
Ha.  So anyways...........
He asks how things are, how I have been feeling, yada yada.
I fill him in on what happened and he suggests he checks me today. 
Ok, so for all you Momma's out there you don't normally get checked until 36 weeks. 
I'm about 34 and a half today. 
I will be 35 on Friday. 
Anyways, that check is NOTHING sort of pleasant.  It's one of those, "omg I think I can feel your watch" things.  They really gotta get up there. 
Ha.  Nice visual huh? 
Anyways, long story short............
I'm 50% effaced and 1 cm.
Let's hope that closes back up REAL soon. 
Momma has some work to finish up before you come big boy, ok?!? 
And remember what I said about September 2nd, right, ok, thanks.
So if you all see me walking around kinda funny it's probably because I will have my legs crossed from here until September 2nd, holding this baby boy in. 
Don't stare. 
Just wave and walk on by. 
Please and thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ugh that check up today sounds LOVELY!!! What was he trying to do shake Henry's hand? Sheessshh

I know every pregnancy is different, but Im pretty sure I received a text from Kristen when she was 1 cm and Mr. Rowan was here a couple short days later. Sounds like Henry is working his way out!!

Heather said...

Holy cow Henry! He just can't wait to meet all of his blogger fans.

sblind2 said...

Exciting!! I hope he holds out AT LEAST until Aug 12th!! ;)

Meagan said...

Wow!!! Some women walk around dialated for a couple of weeks before anything happens....maybe Henry is just trying to freak you out!!

Laura@everydayeasy said...

This sounds exactly how I was. 1 cm and 50% at 34 weeks. K was born at 37 weeks and 6 days.

Abbey said...

Sounds a bit like what I had going on around 32 wks with the twins...I had the oh so wonderful "Dr. Check" I was 1 almost 2cm - He told me to stay off my feet as much as possible and take it easy....Worked for me! Had my c-sect at 36wks with no problems!! Hope Henry decides to bake a few more weeks!! Good Luck!

Adrien said...

Yep, the bleeding was definitely your body's way of saying "slow it down, sister!" Haha. If you genuinely want Henry to stay in for as long as possible, I would start taking it as easy as possible. It's totally normal to be dilated and effaced well before delivery, but I wouldn't take any chances! :)

Cassie said...

ha, thanks girls!!

yes sarah i hope he can hold out until after august 12. lol. and we have like 3 steibel birthdays all around that time so i don't really want to add another one to all the confusion. lol.

i know i can be 1 cm for quite some time which is why i'm like eh, no biggie. but it's just crazy being 5.5 weeks out and already dilated. yikes!

i'm for sure taking it slower. i promise.

Nicole said...

holy cow!!! fingers are crossed that baby boy stays in til Sept!!!

Kathy Thelen said...

Holy Cow!!! Henry is ready to meet you guys I guess!!! Geez your blog kept me in suspense the hole time..I was getting nervous! Like what is she going to tell us?!?!