Confession Friday

Friday, July 15, 2011

Confession Friday

Ayi, yi, yi it's been a week.  Ready for the weekend.  Going to see my Hickey bestie and be engulfed in new baby boy smell.  Ahhh, everyone say a little prayer for me that Stella doesn't have a high speed come apart at the sight of this.  Freaking nervous.  Anyways, on to the confessions....

I confess that my maternity jeans are the only pair of "jeans" that fit comfortably right now.  My capris - too tight, my shorts - constantly picking them outa my butt.  So yep, 90 plus degrees and I'm supporting long ass jeans.  Hey my legs are white and I'm on a budget people.  NOT going out to buy one more pair of jeans that I may wear a handful of times before I give birth.  Sorry.

I confess that my two other Hickey Besties have started blogs.  YAY!  HOWEVER this is a total plea to get them to blog more.  Ok Katie and Kathy, pressure's on!!  No one likes a boring blogger.  Katie, you have tons to blog about; your getting married in a few months, you have a dog who is like a child and weighs more than you AND your husband.  lol.  Kathy, you just got married, come on, blog about your husband we have ALL been there we know that after you say "I do" the crazy quirks start to come out.

I confess that word of all these new boys coming into the world makes me think of football games and I am just so excited!!  Ahh, I can just see all of us mommy's decked out in our maroon and white gear.  YAY!  Ahhh, and to think our DAUGHTERS could be dating these boys.  Ahhhh, ok that I don't want to think about.  lol.

I confess that a nice long bath while drinking an NA might be in the cards for tonight.  Ha, beer in the bath tub, so redneck.  (Danielle, this totally makes me think of your college roommate.)

I confess that I have ate out for lunch just about this week.  Horrible.  I guess I am just getting my fill before I go on maternity leave.  And I just can't resist the fact that you can just get an order of breadsticks and sauce from the Pizza Hut to go inside the Target.  It's my weakness.....  And Jimmy John's being 2.5 second away from the office ugh, don't even get me started.  They MIGHT know me by name.  Whoops.

I confess that I want my hair cut just like this DCC.

However I MAY be a bit to embarrassed to go to the salon and show them the picture.  Bahaha.  Oh well.

I confess that the guy who put in our new windows this week knocked a ton of stuff of the walls and broke this basket I had some toys in.  I was livid UNTIL he told me that he went to the hardware store in town and bought some new glass for one of the frames because it shattered everywhere.  How nice is that!!  I totally felt bad for complaining.....

Alright, these confessions are a bit ridic.  Sorry people.  I'm boring today.  Have a good weekend!!


Heather said...

I confess that I didn't bring anything for breakfast this morning because I wanted to skip those calories for today...and then ate 2 Krispy Kremes when I got to work. No control. None.

Meagan said...

I've been eating out a lot too...what can I say baby likes french fries!! Guess that explains the 3 pound weight gain in two weeks...whoops!

Nicole said...

For lunch, i have been going and buying my food at the grocery store. Like a loaf of bread and maybe some chicken salad, that way it last a few days to maybe even ALL week. But I don't blame ya, get in as much as you can, while you can!

and don't be embarrassed to bring that photo in! It's super cute and I think you'll look fab with it! :)

Adrien said...

Evelyn is all ready to be a cheerleader for the boys. She walks around the house saying, "Gooo team!" Haha.

I confess that facebook's new security check thing drives me BONKERS. Especially since I can't tell what half of their squiggly letters are supposed to be 99% of the time.

Julia said...

I confess that I have been a VERY boring blogger lately, and I am very sorry about that:( I just have had NO motivation!!

I confess that I just made an appointment at Creative Bent for my dog to get her pictures taken!! But's a fundraiser for the Humane Society, so it's for a good cause:)

Don't worry...I have been eating out a ton too! At least you have a good excuse. I have no excuse at all. And I wonder why I'm fat! haha

Jackie said...

I confess that in a few hours I will be eating Jimmy John ...OMG I love that place!

Cassie said...

Julia - i just LOVE their pet pictures!! too cute.

Mirella said...

I confess I have eating to much this week, and now I'm sad

And I have to confess I am a bad blogger lately

Constantia Timotheou said...

Love that hairstyle! You should soo go for it! Could you follow my blog? xx