Confession Friday

Friday, July 1, 2011

Confession Friday

Wow-wee I had a world win of a day yesterday.  This cold is STILL kicking my butt.  Finally called my OB to see what else I could take besides Benadryl and they told me Claritan or Sudafed.  So I asked around the office to see if anyone had something.  Found a Claritan, was TOLD it was non drowsy, ha, how I made it home yesterday I have no idea.  I was SLEEPY!!  Then of course the whole shoe drama, and then my baby scrapping up her nose.  It's pretty funny to look at, but you know it has to hurt like heck.  Poor baby.  So yeah, speaking of that scrape, here's the damage.....
Ha, she may look happy as a clam, but after bath time last night and me having to wrestle her to put some A&D ointment on it, she was nothing near happy.  Poor thing.
So on to the confessions..................

I confess that I am nesting like a mad woman.  Last night I swept, swiffered and rearranged Henry's room.  Cleaned out the closet, hung up some new clothes and did two loads of boy clothes.  Wow-wee.  Let's hope this doesn't really mean ANYTHING.  I am NOT prepared for a boy just yet.

I confess that yesterday I wanted a sweet tea from McDonald's so bad, I was running late, but I stopped and got one anyways.  And I swear it tasted like a tea bag was sitting in the bottom of my drink.  Ugh, just another thing to add to my crazy crazy day.  Or maybe karma?  Who knows.

I confess that sometimes when I sit too close to my desk at work, this little baby in my belly goes crazy.  I think he is saying something like, 'Hey fatty, back up, give me some room in here!!'

I confess that I came thisclose to calling the City on some people this week.  I mean really, you are home EVERY night, you can take care of your yard.  UGH!!  I wish I had money for a big ass fence!

I confess that this picture just cracks me up!!
Bahahahah - again, ONLY my kid.  lol.  Rough night?!?!  LOL!!

I confess that the other day some people at work were calling me out on my small town "hick-ness".  All because I said, mow the grass.  Ummm, hello, yes we MOW grass.  No no, not city folks, they CUT grass.  WTF?  Do you cut the grass with the cutter?  No you mow the grass with the mower.  And don't even get me started on the weed eater conversation.  They supposedly "trim" wtf, no you weed-ead.  lol.  Right?!

Well, have a great Fourth of July weekend.  Ahhh, PTL for extra long weekends!!


Anonymous said...

I feel you on the neighbor thing. I wish we had a fence to. Ours mows their yard but they are just rude, need to mind their own business cause they think they know every time we are around and stuck up. Oh well you get who you get.

Cassie said...

Dear Anonymous - why do I believe that you ARE my neighbor. Please do me a favor and do not comment on this blog again. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Heather Rahn said...

I confess that it's only 10 am and I have consumed and entire movie theater size box of chewy Jolly Ranchers by myself.

Kim Luke said...

Ugh, Cass I feel for you!
You live in such a nice area in town, it's a shame you get the white trash neighbors!

And I confess anyone who calls you stuck up deserves a foot right up their ass!!! :)

Heather Rahn said...

I confess I just shot soda out of my nose laughing at your comment. Go Cassie!!

Kim Luke said...

Ps. Love that pic of Stella and her potty chair! Rough night out!?! Lol

Cassie said...

Thanks girls!! Like I said, I almost called the city but did not. I don't think I was being stuck up or rude, I was just saying. It's my blog and a free country. At least I didn't turn to FB to blast people. Oh well, life goes on. Thank goodness for being the author of this blog and benig able to delete comments!!

Adrien said...

Oh, Stella! Both of those pictures are hilarious - but her poor nose! And yes... we "mow" the grass and "weed-ead" the yard. Cut and trim? Do they bust out a pair of scissors?? Haha...guess we're not sophisticated enough. :)

I confess that I make up words all the time and Eric makes SO MUCH fun of me. Instead of asking Evelyn if she was "behaving" I asked her if she was "being-have?" (sounds like "hayve") So much for my English degree!

Cassie said...

PTL Adrien - yes, do you get out scissors? No, didn't think so. Ha. City folks, I swear. lol. jk.

hahahaha - too funny. I never say expect, I always say but-cept. I have NO IDEA why that's just how it comes out. Ha, oh well.

Heather - i want a jolly rancher!!!! grape please!

Katie said...

Ive never really noticed before but I say mow & weed-ead and Andy says cut & trim.

I confess that I got my lip waxed for the first time yesterday after work. I was a little scared and even told the lady once I was in the room "I dont know if I really even need to do this." hahaha chicken!! But, I did it. That was an odd experience and I still dont have much feeling there.

Have a good 4th and I hope Stella likes the fireworks!

Anonymous said...

O.M.G. this blog posting was great but when I got to the comments it JUST GOT BETTER! LMFAO!

And poor Stella's nose! Had a fight with the concrete huh! Hopefully you don't have pictures scheduled anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow, got to love a good laugh.

Cassie said...

ahhhhh - i can't handle these anonymous posts anymore. i'm about tto freak out!!

katie - ha yes another lip waxer!! yay! but it totally made you feel like you had one of those mustaches that guys have that are really long. like really do you have to put wax all the way down there?!?! lol. weirdest feeling ever!!

angie - ptl no pictures anytime soon. lol.

Nicole said...

Awwww. I just love looking at your pics of Stella! Glad to know that my daughter isn't the only "odd ball" out there! lol

And I agree... You MOW the grass! lol

Nicole said...

Oh! And on a side note, at least your neighbors mow every so often, yes it may get bad but my neighbors... Well lets just say, someone bought the property next to me, tore the house down but yet left a big gaping hole where the basement is with an orange fence only covering 2 sides of it instead of going all the way around. I'm always fearful that my dogs are going to rough house or running too fast and fall right in.