Boring Blogger

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Boring Blogger

I honestly have NOTHING to write about today.  Nothing.  I am uber boring.  Sorry.
I guess I could just ramble about a few things.........
I really want to get my hair cut.  STILL.  I found another picture.  Totally stole it off of FB. 
Honestly I don't even know this girl.  Baha, yep, total creeper like that.  Oh em gee what would I do if I went to a salon and the person cutting my hair actually knew her.  Baha.  Awkward.....

I want to move a dresser into my living room and do something kinda like this.
Hello, brilliant!!  I can store toys GALORE in that thing, and blankets and magazines and DVDs and random stuff that I have no where to put when people unexpectedly come over.  Thank you TDC, brilliant idea!!

I'm going to start on this exercise routine after I have my baby once I can do a jumping jack without peeing a little.
Except for that last one might turn into REST for 10 minutes.  Or ha, maybe BREAST pump for 10 minutes.  lol.

I'm thinking about something like this above my bed where the "Romantic Library" STILL hangs today....
Why am I so obsessed with purple?

I need a new FB profile picture so Stella and I tried a little photo session last night.  This is the best we got....
Cute, but not so cute.  FAIL.

Adrien, we came pretty close to my daughter wearing this outfit last night to your candle party:
As you can tell by her face (not a happy camper) she was in no mood to put ANY pants on of any sort, NOR change out of those brown dress shoes.  Ha, those are her FAVORITE shoes because she can put them on and off herself.  Lord help me.  They are NOT summer shoes by ANY means.  Ha, after a minor meltdown and some cookie bribery we got the white dress and sandals on.

Oh and anyone who has a shabby blog background, for some reason I can't view your blog from this computer and it's pissing me off.  So don't think I have no blog love for you, I do, I just can't read it at work.  Boo.  Sorry!!

Well, that's it.  Like I said super random and ridiciously boring today.


Adrien said...

Haha, she's adorable in anything, but she was SUPER cute last night! Grace has that same shirt. :) If I would let Evelyn, she would wear her rain boots everywhere we go.

I had nothing to blog about today, I didn't. I'm pooped!

Heather said...

Loving that last picture. I have a picture of myself a couple years older in that exact same pose with that exact same face...wearing a purple bikini and brown cowboy boots...with my childhood mullet of course. Redneck since birth.

Jackie said...

I still can not do a jumping jack without peeing myself....ugh child birth...but what a great workout! Also love the dresser idea....that would be awesome! Only I might have to save that idea till we get a real house! So cute of Stella....totally know what you are going through!!! Kids gotta love em!

Kim Luke said...

bahaha- that picture of Stella made me laugh!! she is just too funny!! :)

Kim Luke said...

and who can do 90 crunches in a row after having a kid then a few minutes later do 50? F them! I'd die!!!!