"That Friend"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"That Friend"

Of course you have that friend that you call/text 85 times a day to talk about important stuff like what you just bought at Target, what you just found in your kids diaper, and your crazy family drama.  But then you have that "other" friend.  You know, that friend that you hardly ever seen, touch base with a time or two a month.  But yet is still that friend that when you see each other it seems as if no time as passed at all.  You can still laugh at the same jokes, finish each others sentences and know exactly what each other is thinking..... 
Yeah, that's my friend Kristen.
We are completely normal....promise.
She lives in BFE Missouri and it's like a freaking day and a half trip to go see her.  Ha, kidding, just two hours, worth every mile Kristo, every mile!  No joke.  We get to see each other like three times a year.  We met back in college, good ole Hickey U.  Baha.  Anyways, we were roomies.  And let's just say we became CLOSE.  Ha.  I think we have done more around each other that we have around our husbands.  lol.
I mean everyone needs that one friend to check their teeth for them, right?!
Anyways, she is totally "that friend" and I love it.
Our friendship reminds me of a version of myself I sometimes forget.  The old me.  Before I had bills to pay, babies to raise, real life decision to make.  I wouldn't trade her for the world.
So of course there is more.  Kristen got married two weeks before I did.  And she had her first son two days after Stella was born.  Ha, I still remember sitting at work one day e-mailing back and forth with her and her just being kinda "off" that day.  I remember asking, are you ok?  And her saying, there is something I need to tell you.  And then me saying, ummm, there is something I need to tell you.  And a phone call immediately happened.  Yep, we were both pregnant and SCARED AS HELL!  lol.  But it worked out great and in life, well everything happens for a reason.
Yep, we are the two in the middle, READY to pop!!
So once we got the hang of husbands and babies we thought it would be a great idea to add a little more to our families.  Even though I found out via FB about her expecting her 2nd child (not bitter one bit honey, lol).  And before we knew it, I was pregnant again too.  Ha, I think God may do this to our husbands on purpose.  They know things are better when we are pregnant at the same time.
Well, Kristen was due around the middle of July, but late last night God had a change of plans and her water broke!!  Her new little baby boy Rowan Lee Limbaugh came into the world early this morning!!  All healthy 6 pounds 4 ounces of him.  Which is ever crazier because that's exactly what Stella weighed!!  Spooky!!
So now their cute little family....
has a new little baby boy.  ahhhh, how I can't wait for the day my house is filled of new baby smell again!!
Congrats Limbaughs!!  I love you all.
Hope to meet the new little boy soon!!


Katie said...

that was one of the sweetest post you have done in a while. Freakin precious and made me tear up at my desk. I wish that girl lived closer to us! We need her back in St. Louis.

mirella said...

Happy birthday with the new baby boy

Cassie said...

Katie - we don't talk about me being a softie sometimes, remember!!! lol. just kidding.
and yes kristen you can move to red bud anytime now!!