Weekend Wrap Up

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Wow-wee what a NICE weekend!  And for some reason it went by so nice and slow.  It was perfect!!
Friday we became the brand new owners of this beaut.
Can you say "Dad truck?"  lol.  Just kidding honey.  I love it.  However there is already 'man talk' of getting it lifted just a little bit and of course we have to toy with the exhaust.  What kind of truck is it if it doesn't make a little bit of noise, right?  Oh men and their toys.  But none the less it's great.  And a TON of room.  Which was my ONLY priority.  I didn't get to go with him to pick it up so I said you better make sure two carseats can fit comfortably in the back.  And boy oh boy can they.  Or in the words of Aunt Laice, yes, me and Aunt Danielle can still ride places with you guys and not have to take two vehicles.  lol.  Yes Danielle, we can ride Chartrand style.  Three across the front, three in the back.  lol.  And Stella and I decided that since Daddy now has a maroon truck, it would only be fitting if he had some SIU-C Salukis maroon gear to go along with it.  So now this baby is sitting nice and pretty around the rear licnese plate.
Friday night I also got a little time out with my bff.  We enjoyed a nice little relaxing meal at Tequilas with some virgin drinks.  Oh em gee, I had a virgin pina colada, and wow wee, it hit the spot.  Excellent!
Saturday morning Stella decided to get up bright and early at 6:45, thank you so much dear.  We had a bunch of stuff to take care of at the DMV (you know, buying those ridiciously expensive stickers that go on your vehicles) and we all know how pleasant the DMV can be.  So it was a good thing we were up early.  We were one of the first people there and actually had a really pleasant and quick trip there.  Of course you can drop a good paycheck in buying stickers for three vehicles, geesh.  Then headed to the dreaded Wal-Mart for some quick groceries.  We were done with all of our running by 10:30 and were left to relax the rest of the day.  We enjoyed a nice walk around town and the sun outside.
Sunday we were up again, bright and early, cooking breakfast and getting ready for church.  We, knock on wood, had a really good baby for church.  It's really hard when nap time and the end of church are close to the same time.  Yeah, you could only imagine the fun we experience.  lol.  But she was great!!  After church I had a bridal shower for a college friend.  It was gorgeous!  I have never been to a shower at someones home, they have always been other places and I would have to say it was perfect.  They had it decorated to the nines!  I can't wait for the wedding!!  Once I got home Stella and I said enough of being inside and we enjoyed the outdoors.  She got a little push behind car for her birthday and it was calling her name.  So we took a few laps around the neighborhood and played in the driveway with it.  Once we were worn out from all of that we came inside where Stella thought she needed to get a little more sun and do some sun bathing.  Bahahaha.
My poor neighbors.  They have seen more pantless, or shirtless, or just straight up diaper baby in the past few months then they have probably ever wanted to see.  lol.  And yes, that's her binky in her mouth, I know I know!!  You live with a drama queen who is 14 months going on 14 years.  lol.  She can have whatever makes her happy.  Especially since Mommy can't drink (kidding)!  But all in all it was a great, relaxing weekend!!


Heather Rahn said...

Ah the DMV. I have decided that it's totally worth the extra $5 to get them from a bank. I am NOT DMV friendly.

Katie said...

Very nice truck, Walter family!! Looks like Stella & Henry will have plenty of room. Andy is the same way when he gets a truck..gotta lift it and mess with the eshaust. I personally think that just makes it annoying. hahah

Love the picture of Stella laying by the front door. hahah too cute!

Kacie said...

Nice truck!! I bet he is so happy! :)
And love the sun lover Stella!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a car, In America you all have big cars LOL
And the picture of Stella so cute!

Adrien said...

^^ Hehe...I have a friend from Bangladesh and English is actually his third language. I asked him once "What was the first thing you thought when you first came to America?" And he answered, "I thought holy crap! Americans drive HUGE cars!" :)

Love the color! Have fun with it! :) Stella is too, too cute!