Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Ahhh, finally decent weather!!  Minus the crazy wind, we still managed to get some walks in.  Some walks in where when we came back Stella and I both had new hair-dos and Mommy was out of breath because holy moly pushing a stroller against the wind is QUITE the workout.  Whew.  I was thinking to myself the whole time, soon I will be pushing a double stroller and those things are quite the workout in themselves.
Friday was Stella's first day at her new daycare/in-home place.  Wow, I can honestly say I had the happiest kid when she got home on Friday.  I don't know what it was but I will take it.  I'm not saying anything against the daycare before, she always seemed to be happy and extremely well taken care of, but man oh man for some reason she was just in such a good mood.  We got home and made some dinner and decided to head to Target.  Like I told you we still hadn't bought my daughter that birthday present we had promised her (almost 2 months ago) and we were going to take a trip this weekend and Mommy needed to maintain her sanity (since I can't drink, kidding), we headed to the store.  Boy were we in luck.  Target was having a sale on their portable DVD players.  Originally $89, we scored the baby for $59.  Sweet!  And the ever go good "sales" man said, well, the sale ends tomorrow and instead of coming back in a few months and buying a dual DVD player, why don't you just buy two of these portables, save yourself $40.  And when you think about it, how often are the kids going to want to watch the same DVD.  Smartest thing he could have ever said.  So little Henry now has a DVD player all wrapped up in Christmas paper ready for him this Christmas.  And this Mommy might be kind of excited to buy Thomas the Train DVDs.  lol.  We also scored a sweet deal on a new wireless printer.  Yeah I know, we were spending money like we had it falling outa of butts.  But we kinda did.  You know that feeling of not putting ANY of it on a credit card.  Yep, that was us.  Walking out of the store saying yeah, all of this is ours, not Discovers.  lol.
(Yeah this is kind of how happy we were!!)
Saturday morning whew, we were running around like crazy people.  Josh had to work for his Dad but was too tired the night before to take his car to the oil change place for a bright and early oil change.  So this Mommy made sure he was up bright and early to get his car there before 7, then when we got home, I thought, well why don't you go ahead and install that DVD player (because let's face it, I would have been clueless and told I did it wrong anyways).  He got all of that done and then since we were down to one car we had to drive him to Evansville to go work.  Come back home.  Find out his car was done, take my car to get an oil change, walk back home.  Wait for an hour or so, walk back up and get my car.  Whew.  But Stella was a sport.
(Again, SUPER happy! and the cutest Bubble Beard ever!!)
Aunt Lacie came over around noon and we were off to see Aunt Danielle in Springfield.  Stella enjoyed her new DVD player and it was such a nice and relaxing trip there.  We hung out at Aunt Danielle and Not Uncle Tate's apartment for a good while then decided to do some shopping.  Stella's favorite Aunts helped us decide on some bedding for her big girl room at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I had two coupons (because I love coupons) and a $50 gift card.  I scored Stella's entire bedspread for 74 cents.  Yep.  Saved $13 in coupons, total came to $50.74, used my gift card and handed over my three quarters.  We finished up with dinner at Olive Garden where again we had a coupon.  My couponing is rubbing off and I like it!  lol.  Then headed home.
Sunday I had to work at CK and Daddy and Stella hung out at home.  When I got off work Stella and I enjoyed a walk with Nana while Josh mowed the grass.  Ahhh, the smell of fresh cut grass and the look of a fresh cut lawn.  Spring has sprung!  When we got back we packed up the car and headed to The Lukes for a BBQ.  Perfect day for it and man oh man they are some good cooks!!  Stella and Landon played so good together.  She was really loving his picnic table. 
And especially loving the fact that she could wiggle her way up on it and then stand, just like her buddy Landon.  It was cute and gave Mommy a heart attack all at the same time.  After dinner we enjoyed a little stroller ride/walk around their super cute subdivision and then made in back to watch a bit of the ACMs and enjoy some brownies.  It was a great weekend!!


Meagan said...

I LOVE her smiling, squinty eye face!! Soo cute!!

No more DYC?!?! Where is Stella going now?!?!

Kacie said...

What happened to the super cute Quilt you bought for her big girl room?!?
Cant wait to see the new one from BBB!

Heather Rahn said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! So love her camera face.

Cassie said...

No more DYC, and it's nothing personal against them. We are just trying to save some money for the 2nd baby and my cousin recommended us to an in home place in Waterloo where she takes her daughter. And since I go through Waterloo every day it works out. And once I learned of the $280 for two kids I HAD to start looking. I mean we could do it, but then we would have no other life besides paying for our kids daycare. Ain't gona happen.

Kacie - I need you to come over and let me know which one you like best. I am really torn between the two!!

Heather - ha, yeah she LOVES the camera. All you have to say is "say cheese" and the face comes out. lol.