Confession Friday

Friday, April 29, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I just want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!  asdgajsg'afdugja;dfkjsga;sdgklja;sdflkjg.  UGH!!!!!!!!

I confess that I did not want to wake up this morning and then my husband turned on the TV and the Royal Wedding was on and amazingly I was wide awake.

I confess that Zia's lasagna is calling my name today for lunch.  Yum yum!  Thank goodness Lent is over and it's back on their Friday menu!

I confess that sometimes I think "what if" WAY to many times.

I confess that I'm a car nose picker.  I pretty sure I caught my friend's husband doing it yesterday on his way home.  And I laughed out loud.  Then the rest of the way home I thought I'm sure MANY of people have caught me doing it.  lol.  Whoopsie.

I confess that I really wanted to do a bump update post this week but it seemed like everyone else was doing one so I didn't.  So here's my update.  Baby is doing great.  Quite the kicker.  I can see a good football career in his future.  And he is being so good to Mommy.  I have only gained 12 pounds in 23 weeks.  I think that's awesome!!  Next appointment, glucose test, yucky!

I confess that Stella is having another picture session at Creative Bent on Sunday.  I'm sure people think pictures at 12 months and again at 15 months, wow.  But she's my baby and oh so cute, so why not!!

I confess that I don't know what it is but this car is a lifesaver.....

I confess that I need a total home makeover shopping day with Mrs. Jones.  BAD.  I have no style when it comes to that stuff, just ideas.  So let me know when your free to go to Home Depot.  I have a TON of ideas.  Just no motivation.  lol.

And I still wana scream, cry, kick, throw a hissie fit, but I need to get some work done.  So peace out.  Have a Happy Friday!  If you can drink, please, have one for me.  I need it!


Heather Rahn said...

Don't worry Cassie...I'm on it.

I confess that I am sitting at my desk eating rice cakes. Because now I have a real reason to look good in less clothes.

I confess that I was in such a fanfreakintastic mood this morning that I let myself stop and get a fountain Mr. Pibb. MMMMMMMMMMM....

Cassie said...

I think someone got a little some last night!!! YAY!

Adrien said...

Aww, you should do bump updates anyway! I don't think I ever did with Grace, and I have no idea why....

I confess that we have a dinner to go to tonight and I completely forgot about it. Now I have to scramble to find a sitter and something to wear. I'd totally skip it, but it's for a good cause. Darn my conscience!

Heather Rahn said...

Hahaha...I'm sure that's what everyone is thinking since I'm never in a good mood...but sadly no, I didn't.

Kim Luke said...

I confess that I want to scream for you.. I don't know how you keep it together right now!!

I confess I LOVE that you did a bump update! I do one after every doctors appointment! :)

I confess that it makes me so happy to see Stella loving her car!!!! And in a year when our kids grow out of them, we can switch! :)

& I confess Im SUPER DUPER jealous of your CB session coming up!!!

Cassie said...

thank you bff, ily. i'm a freaking mess today. ugh. why me!!!!!

and ps i love that we can switch. i'm sure henry would love a purple bumbo, but ptl that you have a green one!!