Blogger-versary (One Year)!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blogger-versary (One Year)!!

Geesh, another one.  Yes, the THIRD anniversary this week.  Needless to say my booty is just about worn out from all this anniversary celebrating.  So last year, exactly one year ago today, I was freshly back at work from my amazing nine week maternity leave and still drenched in that new baby girl smell.  My sister had just moved to Springfield for work and I was back at work missing my baby like crazy.  I googled blogger and started learning about a whole new world and I was quickly sucked in.  So I decided to be cool and start a blog.  My first post was oh so exciting.  Followed up by a picture post of our very first Easter, which was just a few days prior.  I would have to say I was pretty boring in the beginning with my posts, but I wouldn't change them for the world.  I have little reminders of the cute things my little girl did (since I'm horrible at keeping up with her baby book) and it's amazing to see how much she has changed in a years time just by looking back at some of these posts.  Blogging has also introduced me to some really great and fun new friends, who are super cool, and I am so grateful for that.  A big thanks to all of you who have just joined in on the fun, or have been around since the beginning.  Your little comments here and there make my day.  I will promise to keep up as much as I can with two kiddos and maybe even have a giveaway here and there.  Oh, that would be really fun!!  So here's a toast, to the blogging world (it's huge) but awesome and totally worth it and I'm happy to share my life with you all.


Kelly Muench said...

Hey Cassie!! I love reading your blogs!! Happy Anniversary on your Blog!! You do a great job and I love reading your blogs daily!! :) Take care!!

Cassie said...

Aww thanks Kelly!! That made my day!!

Adrien said...

Yay!! Congratulations! I need to go back and check out your earlier posts. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow happy anniversary on your blog!
I know you blog not so long but I find your blog great.

Julia said...

Happy Blog Anniversary:) I was going to send you a message on FB but then I remembered you gave that up for Lent. haha I was wondering where you got your oh so cute blog background? I just can't figure it out/find a cute one!


Cassie said...

Thank you all!!

Julia - here is a blog I follow and there is a link to her blogging tips!
If you click on create a custom header, you will figure out how to make a super cute one!! Good luck!

Nicole said...

i think this calls for a celebration!!! Maybe we could all get together someday soon. Maybe a nice sunny day at the winery and I will by cake and ice cream????