Stella Loves Books, and the Camera (of course....)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stella Loves Books, and the Camera (of course....)

Stella loves books.  And that makes me uber excited!  She is constantly going through the container of books in her room.  Either she will sit down and open them up, or she will bring them to you to open up.  But don't even try reading a page, she doesn't have time for that.  Just flip the pages and look at the pictures.  lol.  We might get to the reading part some day.  So I guess I really should say, Stella loves looking at pictures in books.  That's a little more appropriate.  So last night I walk into the living room to find this.
 Melt my heart.  I mean come on, how cute is this?  Sitting on her couch, no pants, reading her book.
Of course it was 'Fancy Nancy' it seems lately it's either that or Sesame Street.  We might have a little Fancy Nancy come Halloween....  But of course as soon as she realized I was taking pictures, it quickly turned into this.
What a goof.  lol.  She's such a ham and I think she probably would have let me sit there and take 37 more pictures of her.  She was just eating it up!  But soon it was, ok fine, one more smile.  I was just getting to the good part of this book.  So here's my fake smile so you will stop.
Excuse me, I said go, I'm reading my book.....  No really Mom, go make me some dinner.


Anonymous said...

Your own little model
She is so cute!

Inge was always happy for my camera, but now... she runs away from it

Heather Rahn said...

Love that picture where she scrunched up her shoulders. She looks so happy!

Adrien said...


Cassie said...

lol - she is a poser. for sure. :)

Katie said...

Those pictures of her "reading" are sooo cute. She looks like she is really into that book. Your comments go perfectly with the pictures. hahah