Sick Rick

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sick Rick

Well, actually her name is Stella, but you get the point.  Stella is sick.  Like poor baby, it hurts me to see her like this, sick.  No fun AT ALL.  Yesterday I walk in the door at daycare and the lady says, I just wanted to let you know that Stella threw up about an hour ago but we didn't call you because we knew you would be here soon.  Oh ok, I thought, no fun, but maybe it was just something she ate.  Walk in and they tell me she has puked twice since 3:30.  Uh oh!!  She is in a good mood, just puking.  Hmmm, weird.  So we get all packed up and head home.  She is super clingy.  Like won't even sit in her highchair to eat dinner.  So I sit her on my lap and get out some cheese for her.  She eats about five bites and is over eating.  She just wants her juice.  So I just let her have her juice.  No more than 30 minutes later, MAYDAY!  Barf everywhere.  Including Mommy.  She just kinda gave me the "my tummy hurts' look and then projectile.  Twice.  All over me!  Poor thing just started crying so hard, I started gagging like crazy, Josh is saying, don't throw up, don't throw up, and Abbie just wants to lick it all up.  Ha, yes, chaos!  So Josh takes Stella and I run to the bathroom to strip myself of my now yack filled work clothes.  I say, I'm sorry honey but I have to get in the shower and get this washed off or I am gona lose it.  So I did.  And Josh and Stella went to sit back in the living room and she fell asleep.  I got out of the shower and switched spots with Josh and Stella stayed sleeping.  For about five minutes.  She sat up and without any warning, bombs away, again.  All down the blanket we were covering up with.  Luckily none on either of us.  So the 1st load of laundry went in.  She calmed down, drank some juice and fell back asleep in about ten minutes.  Josh had to go help my Dad so he left saying 'goodbye' but what he was really saying was, 'glad it's you and not me.'  He's so sweet.....  Of course it happened again while he was gone.  This one involved a change of clothes AND another blanket into the wash.  In about ten minutes she was back to sleep and within 30 minutes a repeat of last time.  So we changed clothes and blankets again.  This time I thought no, we aren't even going to put clothes on you and I'm grabbing a puke bucket.  So here we sit, naked baby in chair, puke bucket is arms reach.  She falls asleep and I started texting a few Mommy's and nurses I know.  One of the nurse friends says, just keep up with the fluids.  If it's the flu she should have diarrhea too.  I said, so far no poopies.  Ugh, I should have knocked on wood.  About 30 minutes later I hear a little toot come out of her.  Ha, little, yeah right.  A little toot and a LOT of smell.  I run to her bedroom, get that baby off of her and before I could even get another diaper on MAYDAY.  Ugh, I will spare you the details.  Let's just say the rest of the night ended in a lot of change of diapers, changing her bedsheets at 1:30 in the morning, and her and I sleeping in the recliner.  My MIL is with her today, hopefully Stella does not pass the flu on to anyone else.  It's not been fun.
So I hope you aren't eating your chocolate milk shake and reading this post, and if you are, sorry.


Meagan said...

Poor Stella!! Hopefully she gets better soon!!

Heather Rahn said...

Awww...poor baby!! Get better soon Stella!

Cassie said...

Thanks guys!!

Adrien said...

Hope she feels better soon!