Confession Friday

Friday, February 11, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess that I about had a heart attack when daycare told me the cost of sending two kids there ($280 a week).  Can I get a WTH!  Seriously how do people do it without putting the rest of their life on a credit card?  I REFUSE to live like that.  Sorry honey, you won't receive a nice birthday or chirstmas gift from me until our kids are out of daycare because I can't afford it.  And I hope you learn to love high waters because we aren't buying new clothes for ourselves either.....

I confess that I haven't started writing Stella's thank you cards for her birthday party and I feel horrible.  I am usually really good about thank you cards.  In fact I haven't even purchased the cards yet.  I have a one month rule, if they aren't out in one month, bad.  Promise this weekend.

I confess that I was supposed to send diapers to daycare yesterday and I totally forgot until like 2:30 when I was sitting at my desk.  I felt horrible!  It was the first time I have EVER done that.

I confess that we (as parents) have not bought Stella anything for her birthday yet.  Horrible.  But we are getting her a DVD player for the car, we just all haven't had a chance to go to the store together to pick it out.  Promise honey you will have it soon!!!

I confess that I am having Zia's for lunch today AND tonight.  DO NOT tell my husband.  Nor my doctor, pretty sure I'm going to gain some weight today......

I confess that I made a that slide show for Stella's birthday party and completely forgot my computer and everything to play it at the party.  Seriously, how to some Mom's just remember everything and make the parties look absolutely perfect?  Did you notice besides the things that Creative Bent made, I didn't have a single picture of Stella anywhere?!?!  Doh!

I confess that I wanted to get all of my credit cards paid off before Stella's birthday.  Well, I had four, and now I only have one.  Yep, ONE!  Yay!

Your turn, confess away.  Please, make me feel like I'm not the only basket case.


Meagan said...

I confess that Keegan peed in his bed early this morning and I left the sheets & his wet pjs wadded up on the floor this morning instead of throwing them in the washer....his room is going to smell great when I get home!

Babysteps23 said...

I confess that thinking about doubling day care rates makes me sad.

The lady that watches my son (its a home daycare) has gotten THREE brand new cars since I have been going there. I confess that every time I pull up her drive and walk past the new cars I think about how those cars are actually "mine".

Katie said...

I LOVE Zia's!!

I confess that I have not made dinner all week. Its been nice not having to cook, but I feel so gross because of how much we have ate out.

I confess that Im not really in to the whole wedding planning yet. My mom has done sooo much of the planning and I absolutely LOVE it. She sets up all the appointments for us to meet with people and has helped me finalize a lot of things. Shes my wedding planner that I dont have to pay!!! LOVE her!

Sara said...

This may make you feel better about the thank you cards:
I confess that I was about three days shy of waiting a YEAR to send out thank you cards for our wedding gifts. Sad thing is: I had them written out, I just put off sealing them and putting on return addresses.

Erin said...

I confess that I have a doctors appointment today in Waterloo and I was going to go see the Justin Bieber movie by myself afterwards.. but my mom is going now so idk what she would think about that.

I confess that I yelled at Brandon last night cause he told me twice that he was going to bed. Think it's time for this girl to not be pregnant anymore.

I confess that I went shopping yesterday and when I got home I felt really really sore and when I took off my clothes to get in the bath my legs were double their size.. by the time I got out I couldn't even lift my foot to put lotion on it. I thought someone was going to have to cut me open cause my skin wouldn't stretch anymore. It hurt so bad..

I confess that I told my mom about that and she called the doctor cause I was too scared.

I confess that I went to VS yesterday and spent 101 dollars on a small bottle of body spray, sweatpants and a sweatshirt....... whoops.

I confess that I wish I knew how to put myself in to labor without drinking something nasty!

Erin said...

OH! I also confess that this name thing is making me CA.RA.ZAY.

and I saw a little girl with baby's name in Target one day and her mom kept saying her name and I stayed close to them just so I could hear her keep saying it.

Adrien said...

I confess that I never had any sympathy whatsoever for the "cry babies" that have been in my care over the years. Yes, I took care of them, but it was always with an eye roll and me thinking, "Seriously? Get over it." Now...I think I have one of those of my own. Argh! Grace is SO EMOTIONAL. What in the world am I going to do? I don't want my kid to be the cry baby!

Don't feel bad about the thank you's. I don't think 75% of our wedding guests ever got a thank you from me, because after our honeymoon I was sicker than a dog for two months with Evelyn. After that I just sort of forgot. (And yes, this still eats at me...but two years later, I think it might be weird if someone suddenly got a "thanks for the blender...from September 2008."