Check Up

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Check Up

On Monday Stella had her one year check up.  She has always been pretty good at the doctor.  Which I am super thankful for.  However, this time she must have known she was getting three shots or something.  She was glued to me and didn't want anyone else touching her.  Any move I made she gripped to me like she was going to fall.  Of course we started with the normal, down to the diaper drill to get weighed and all that jazz.  Little miss would barely let go of me to lay her down and she screamed the whole time.  Poor thing.  So we get back in the room and the nurse asks the normal questions and then she leaves and Stella automatically is much better.  So of course I grab out my phone because hello we need to document this experience.  Well, while we were taking this picture:
(Seriously, is she NOT posing?!?!  Look at that shoulder action.  lol.  Too cute.)  This happened......
No joke, first time since she was like itty bitty.
I looked at her to be like Stella, what the world?  And got this....
Oh hey Mom check out this wall color, so pretty.
Ha, nice baby, way to act like nothing happened.
Of course like 2.5 seconds later the doctor walks in and here I am with a lovely pee spot on m pants.  lol.
But all in all it was a good check up.  And Stella doesn't have to go back to the scary place until 18 months.
She is currently 22 pounds (whoops wasn't supposed to be forward until she was 22 pounds) and is 29.5 inches long.  However, I like to say that she is 2 feet 5 and a half inches tall.  Ha, it cracks me up for some reason.  Her height and weight are perfectly proportioned, her head however, still in the 90th percentile.  lol.  Ha, big brain, at least that's what I tell myself.  No big deal that she has to wear size 2T hats.  Bahaha.  I love you baby and your cute big head.


Adrien said...

Hehe...yay for pee spots! Mommyhood is so glamorous. :)

On another note...18 months, huh? Looks like my WONDERFUL doctor failed to inform me once again when Evelyn needed to come back. Grrrr....we are ALWAYS late on shots and check ups.

Cassie said...

Uh oh. Who do you go to? We just switch to Preferred Pediatrics in South County, Dr. Anderson and he is awesome. Please tell me you don't go to Hodel....