Birthday Party Wrap-Up

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Birthday Party Wrap-Up

Wow, we had such an amazing turn out for Stella's first birthday party on Sunday.  Of course I don't have a single picture of all the people there.  Seriously I barely had time to say hello to most of the guests let alone take pictures.  But I think all in all everyone had a good time.  Stella, well, she didn't nap.  Ok well, she took the whole 8 minute nap from home to the party location.  And that so does not count as a nap at all.  You will see soon, that not having a nap wasn't a good idea.  Oh well......
So on to the decor.
A huge thank you to my sisters who are awesome party put together-ers.
And how cute are these?  Creative Bent gave them to us as a gift and I teared up!!  They folded up and sat on the tables.  The front side said "Stella is One".  That's in the top left corner over there.  And the back side (bottom left) said, 'Thank you for coming to my birthday party.'  And then the inside opened up to what was is on the right.  Now how stinkin' cute is that?  And awesome publicity of Creative Bent.  Seriously they rock.  Their price does not matter to me the second I see their pictures.  Ok it does a bit, I mean I don't order everything under the sun, but they are SUCH an awesome duo!!  And well, this was also the only cake action ANY of our guests would be seeing from The Lady of Honor.  Of course things always go as planned with one year olds, right?  Oh well, on to the rest.
All 79 of the cupcakes!  And we still had a ton left.  Ugh.
Another huge thank you to my sisters and Kacie for your decorating help.  Even if some of the cupcakes weren't decorated up to every one's standards.  lol.  Just kidding......
Ahhh, yes you can see it here.  How bad Little Miss needed a nap.
Which then quickly turned into this......
:( breaks my heart every time.
I think it was the quickest I have ever heard close to 100 people sing Happy Birthday.
Poor thing.
So we said forget all of this and just decided to go straight to presents.
Which seemed to help.
She even showed everyone her new and exciting talent.  Opening gifts with her mouth.
Harvard, here she comes.
I just love this.  Lovie lovie on her baby.  I don't know how she knew to just kiss it but she did and it was the cutest thing ever!!  She loves this doll.  :)
And when it was all said and done she sat herself down on one of her favorite toys and called it a day.
Everything was cleaned up and packed up and we were home around 3:00 with a sleeping baby in hand. 
Her and I slept for a good two and a half hours, which was very well needed for BOTH of us.  She got up, ate and back to bed she went.  I would say that's a pretty successful birthday.


Heather Rahn said...

I've been waiting for this post! I heard it was spectacular...but that your child is fast developing a deep fear of birthday candles.

Everything looks awesome! Good job Mommy!!

Cassie said...

Ha, that she is. lol. Poor thing.
We may just start putting them in her food every night for dinner so she starts getting used to them by next year. lol.


Adrien said...

Love, love! Your theme turned out so cute. Stella will NEVER live down her tears during "happy birthday, haha." She'll probably be hearing about it when she's 18. Ah, the memories! Good job, mama!