Cake or No Cake

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cake or No Cake

I need some help here people!!
So as most of you know we have 125 people invited to Stella's 1st birthday party.  Yes, I know, I threw up a bit in my mouth too.  And we had to rent out a hall, geesh.  But hey the cute little monkey only turns one once, right?!!?  Anywhoo, there is no way in hell I would be able to stick to my under $100 birthday party if I bought a cake for 80 some people.  That thing would be $100 by itself.  Not.gona.happen.  And I HATE having left over cake, hate it with a passion.  So, do I put myself through the torture and make say 80 cupcakes, or just make a cake myself?!  Or have a small(er) cake and have ice cream too.  Or cookies?  Or someone suggested making a smaller cake, but having dirt dessert too for all of the guests.  Because really the only cake that is going to matter is Stella's birthday cake (smash cake) and I am thinking I am just going to make that. 
So I need your help people. 
You Mommies who have already done the whole 1st birthday thing, what did you do? 
Or all you cake lovers out there who always eat cake at the birthday parties? 
Or you cake haters who would rather see something else? 
Help a First Time, First Birthday Party Momma out!!


Heather Rahn said...

I don't think anyone would die if you didn't have a cake other than hers. No one ever eats it and if they do, they only eat half of the piece that they get and the rest gets thrown away. I would do without the cake.

I have 3 different size round cake pans if you want to borrow them for her cake. I can bring them into work and send them home with your dad.

Meagan said...

If it were me I would have the smash cake for Stella and then make cupcakes....but I wouldn't do 80...just enough for the kids that will be there, kids love cupcakes! I would also do some other type of dessert though...brownies, rice krispies, cookies...something simple!

Cassie said...

Ha, no no, not 80, I think I would be wanting to stab myself in the eye if I made 80. Probably like 40 or 50. Idk.

Heather - I will for sure get back to you about the round cake pans. That would be perfect. Thanks! And yes, I know no one will die if I don't have cake. lol. Coffee, now that's a different story.....

Adrien said...

I'd do cupcakes. :) I'd do cupcakes if only 10 people were showing up, haha...they're just easier all around, because they don't require plates or forks, and if you make them yourself you don't have to stress about them "looking right" like you might if you made a cake. No one can screw up a cupcake!

We bought a little pink cake with light frosting straight from the store for her smash cake. We loved it, because even though she made a huge mess, it didn't stain anything!

Cassie said...

Oooo, good idea. I forgot about those little cakes you can buy. Did you get it from Wal-Mart?

Kacie said...

I would just go with a regualr sheet cake (not for 80 people) and the DIRT DESSERT:) Brent and I will come over that Saturday night, we could order some pizza and make some dirt desserts!!Lol!

Julia said...

I am not a mom, but I am a cake lover! haha:) I would do something small other than cake. That is a lot of cake to buy when it won't all get eaten! Also, a ton of people are on diets this time of year and they might thank you later for not having cake there! I like the cookie idea. I bought over 100 cookies for our wedding at Rozier's in Chester and they were $0.35 a cookie! They were cheap and awesome! They aren't that big, so the kids won't waste them and they are just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth! I have also gotten some cookies for a baby shower and they decorated them however I wanted. Just an idea...Good luck!