New Stuff

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Stuff

Hey ya'll, normal Cassie is back!!  I put crazy psycho Cassie out of her misery last night.  Geesh, I was cranky.
Anyways, I still have Christmas gifts to buy (five more gifts to be exact AND wrap) and my shoes are still so close to breaking, no joke.....Hey Santa??!?!
Yeah, that's really classy, I know......AND no socks in December, Erna would whoop my butt.
But I have this in my life:
And that's all that matters!!

So you may have noticed I have some new tabs at the top of my page.  Yep, moving up in the blogging world (I think I spent an hour trying to figure those things out, lordy).  Our story, well, that's just about us.  I just haven't gotten around to writing that.  And Our Crib; no it's not going to be a hour tour but some projects we are working on.  I am in full blown house renovation mode for 2011.  I have asked for Home Depot gift cards galore!  I am going to try to stick to $100-$200 per room (outta my own pocket, gift cards don't count).  First project our bedroom.  Yep, bye bye purple walls.  And then heading to the living room.  We did the bathroom this past year, but I took like zero pictures of that.  So there goes that idea.  And then the spare room, also known as Josh's room.  Yes, we get ready in two different rooms, only because the guy has more clothes then me and my sister combined.  NO JOKE.  And if we ever have another baby, then well, move on over Joshie cuz baby is moving in.  I might have to get him drunk one night and play, "What Not to Wear."  We will see what happens.  I am hoping at least ONE project a month, started and completed.  But well, in my life nothing ever goes as planned.  So we will see.  Stay tuned!!


Meagan said... exactly did your heels rip like that?! I guess I just don't keep mine long enough for that to happen....if they wouldn't end up smelling so bad I probably would though! And I love how you have your feet up on your desk at work!! lol

btw....I can't see any tabs. =/ I know what you mean...whenever we have another baby we are going to be screwed because the closet is the spare bedroom is packed full of crap because Ryan has so many clothes's kinda ridiculous how much more he has then me!

Cassie said...

Ha, I have NO idea. But today I feel like the more I walk, the more it rips. I got some Jessica Simpson heels but they are like 5 inches high and I haven't mastered walking in them yet. FML. Ha, yeah, well considering I am the ONLY light on in my hall, I'm gona do whatever I want. lol.

WTH! Why can't you see the tabs? Shit. Ugh......ok, I will see what I can do

Meagan said...

well it might just be my computer...the internet here at work is a little outdated!

Adrien said...

Can't wait to see what you have in store! I'm redoing the girls' room, too!

Katie said...

Your foot is eventually going to fall out of that side of your shoe and you will be on your face in no time. hahah I sure hope Santa brings you some new shoes. The heels of my shoes are the first to go. I guess from driving the heel (like my foot heel not the part I stand on) rest against the floor mats and the shoe material rubs away.