My Favorite Christmas Card

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Favorite Christmas Card

I know it's after the holidays and you are all over all of the Christmas posts but I forgot to tell you about my favorite Christmas card we receive every.single.year (well, since we have been in our house).
No Danielle, it's not the one from Grandma Steibel with our names under each angel.
No Katie, it's not the one from you and Andy where you always make Andy sign his name (it is a close 2nd though).
It's the Christmas card we get every year from a family we don't know.  Bahaha, yes you heard me right.
Complete. Strangers. 
I have never seen these people in town, at IGA, at the Fireman's Picnic, nowhere.  It comes addressed to the previous owners, who obviously aren't too good of friends with them or else they would have notified them that they moved (three years ago).  Ahhh, how we love watching their two daughters grow and seeing where they traveled to on vacation that year.  I probably should have kept their cards from over the years, but I didn't. 
However it would be a good topic of conversation if I taped it to the door with all of the other cards so when people came over they would say, "Who are these people?"  Or heck, I might even get lucky and one of our guest may just know them!  But after three years we pretty much feel like we know them.  We look forward to their card every year, we anticipate it!  lol.  I guess I could try to find these people on FB and let them know that the previous owners no longer live at that address, but then they would think, wow, crazy chick opening mail that is not theirs.  So from here on out we are just going to keep watching this cute little family grow and learn about their awesome family vacations.  Heck, maybe next year I will send them one of our cards, we're practically family now right?!


Meagan said...

We got a card this year for the previous owners of our house...the kids are cute and I'm not sure what they are doing in January but they can't wait to see the people that use to live there!

Heather Rahn said...

I got a Christmas card from a friend in prison. Beat that bitches!! :)

Cassie said...

Seriously Heather, I'm kinda jealous of you!! That's a hard one to beat!!

Katie said...

Im glad our card is a close second!!! hahahah I will have to let Andy know that his 4 letter signature got us a close second!
We get mail for previous neighbors all the time even neighbors before them, but never Christmas cards for them. hahah