Jolly Ole St. Nicholas

Friday, December 3, 2010

Jolly Ole St. Nicholas

Guess what Monday is?!  St. Nick's Day!!  Woot woot! 
Growing up going to a Catholic grade school I totally felt sorry for ALL the guys in school named Nick.  Regardless if they wanted to or not, their butts had to dress up as St. Nicholas on the day we celebrated it at school.  Seriously at times I think we may have had 8 kids dressed up.  Reason #1 why I would never be able to name my kid Nick. 
Anyways, back to the point of this post.  St. Nicholas' Day is always celebrated on December 6th.  The anniversary of his death.  Usually you leave your shoes or stockings out on the eve of St. Nick's day and St. Nick comes at night and fills them up.  Magically.  I personally do St. Nick a favor and leave him my stocking, only because the shoes I wear every day STINK like no other.  Probably because I hardly wear socks and my feet still manage to sweat.  Weird and gross, I know.
If we left shoes out this is what it would probably look like at our house:
I would have a cute boot out, and of course the biggest shoe so I could get the most stuff.  Just kidding!!  Ms. Stella would have a cute little shoe like this pink Ugg PACKED full of goodies, and Josh would totally leave the wierdest shoe he could find and if St. Nick was REALLY paying attention this year he would totally get dog toys and treats, ha, just kidding honey!!
The gifts he leaves behind are nothing big and extravagant.  Just small little gifts.  Or at least the St. Nick I grew up with always seemed to have left Bath and Body Works Chapstick (awesome), $5 to McDonald's or Subway (heck yeah), sometimes a CD, or gift card, or just something small.  Usually around $10-$20 a person.  But it made us happy and that's all that matters!!  We still have the same little stockings hung up at Mom's that St. Nick stuffed when we were little.  And he still comes and fills them up, you ROCK St. Nick!
I am hoping St. Nick leaves me two little trees I really want from Ace that I can put on my front porch, oh wait, my St. Nick told me "Here's $20, go get them."  Ugh, he's always so romantic.  And Stella is really hoping St. Nick brings her some new onesies, a pair of shoes and a toy.  Right Stella?  And Daddy, well, he might just get those dog treats.  lol.  But it probably will be a Rural King gift card, some new work socks or some chew (yes, chew).  Hey, he will love it.  So make sure your stocking is hung on Sunday night and get up a little bit earlier on Monday morning so you can check out with he left!



Heather Rahn said...

Who is going to come leave something in my stocking??

Meagan said...

umm....I know how you feel about the stinky shoes! I finally threw my black heels away because I couldn't stand the smell of my own feet anymore!! LOL

btw...could you tell my St. Nick that I would really appreciate something in my stocking, he seems to forget the stocking stuffers every year!! I would even take the $20 to go get something myself! I'm pretty sure St. Nick is giving Keegan his very own buzz lightyear flashlight so he can stop using daddy's flashlight and making the batteries die!!

Meagan said...

ok....LOVE the new heading on the top & the new saying!! Help a girl out and tell me how in the world you get the pictures up there!!!

St. Nick said...

Dressing up as St. Nick is not so bad.