A Boring Bunch

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Boring Bunch

We are a whole lota boring lately.  Like we do nothing; stay at home most of the time and are sleeping by 9:00.  No joke.  And the we, I mean Stella and I.  Of course Daddy is out hunting, putting meat on the table, drinking beer and doing manly things.  Oh well.
Friday night we had Josh's work party in Edwardsville.  You would have thought it was Josh's first time going.  He musta been in la la land because he took us a way we never go.  And when we were exiting I said, "Wow, I think you picked the longest way possible to get here."  The party was good.  I mean who doesn't enjoy sitting at a table full of land surveyors who are just as bad as construction workers.  Only to find out your darling husband refers to you at work at "The Ole Lady."  Classy.  Ugh, needless to say it was a long ride home for him.......
Saturday and Sunday were pretty much a Mommy and Stella days.  We didn't do much of anything.  And it was great.  A friend of ours was getting rid of some of her kids toys and so she dropped this off for Stel:
She loves this little table.  And she has found out that it will scoot across the hard wood floors.  So she uses it as a walker too.  And when she runs into you, she literally looks at you like, umm, move.  lol.  Too funny.
See what I mean?!!?
We went to lunch with Grandpa Steibel at Country Kitchen.  He introduced Stella to their Chocolate Ribbon pie.  His favorite and now Stella's favorite too.  YUM!  Then we headed home and got ready for church.  Stella I think needs to go to church every single day, ugh, she is having a rough time with church.  Or maybe Mommy is, idk....  Then her and I hung out the rest of the night.  She was being such a cuddle bug and I LOVED it.
Sunday Daddy didn't hunt in the morning so we enjoyed breakfast nice and early at CK.  Like 7:30 early.  lol.  Oh well.  Then Dad was off to "do manly things."  So we decided to play and wrap presents.  In no time the living room was a freaking mess.
Oh well.  I will clean it up during nap time, right Stella?  You remember what nap time is right?  Baha, oh we don't have nap time on Sundays?!?!  Great.  This is going to be a fun day.  Since nap time was NOT gona happen, bath time came about an hour earlier. 
If you think I'm going to bed at  decent time tonight Mommy, your crazy.
Stella's new favorite thing to do in the bath tub is play scuba diver.  No joke.  See that bubble beard she has going on?  That's from playing Scuba Stella.  lol.  FINALLY at 9:30 Little Miss went to sleep.  She had slept good ALL weekend long, but I guess she woke up in the middle of the night thinking, 'crap, Mom and Dad have to work tomorrow, I need to have one of them get up right now (this was at 12:30).'  She was up for about 30 minutes, then back to sleep and up again at 3:30.  Awesome baby, awesome.  Oh well, those two nights of good sleep you gave us rocked.
So in the morning I got pay back and took pictures of her as Pippy Longstocking.  Baha, evil.
Hope you all had a good weekend!


Meagan said...

We had a pretty boring weekend too but sometimes I really like it that way!! And the Pippy Longstocking hat is ADORABLE!!

Ashley Mitchell said...

I just wanna kiss those cheeks in that pippy hat. She is so precious!

Katie said...

hahaha I didnt even notice Stella on the floor in the picture with all the toys. I love the picture of the 2 of you! VERY cute!!! She definitely loves her mama.