Over It!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Over It!

That's it, I'm so completely OVER all of these recalls for babies!  Seriously, it's something EVERY month it seems like  Medicine, formula, teething tablets, toys, cribs, the list goes on and on.  Drives me crazy.

Here is the most recent one for all of you Moms out there.
UGH - I hate you Hylands.
Of course, we have these and of course Stella has had a few in her day.
Want to know why these are being recalled:
The FDA has recalled Hyland’s Teething Tablets.  Tests showed they contain the toxic substance belladonna.  Belladonna can cause seizures, muscle weakness, excessive sleepiness, and more.
Seriously, LIVID.  Wow.  NOTHING is safe.
I am going to just start calling my Grandma every single time Stella is sick and ask her what she did back then.  Back before they had all of this crazy, every other day, recalled medicine.
Sooooo many older people have told me, oh just put a little whiskey on her gums when she is teething, works better than anything else.  I think OMG, give my child whiskey.  NO WAY.  Shit, MUCH safer than possibly giving her something that can develop into a seizure.  UGH.

I have already started using a few at home remedies. 
For diaper rash - use corn starch.  Works like a charm!  I seriously haven't bought A&D ointment since someone told me about this.  We put it in like a cheese pizza shaker and I just put a little on her butt when she is starting to get red, no joke, within ONE diaper change, the red is gone.  It's AMAZING.
I have a recipe at home too for laundry detergent.  My Grandma has been using it for years.  I think I might need to start too.  Next thing you know laundry detergent will be recalled.  What is this world coming too?
And when she has a cold or is all stomped up, you can guarantee we play on the bath floor while the shower is on HOT so that the steam helps clear her up.

Any of you guys have any good tips to share?!!?


Meagan said...

For hiccups give them sugar...simply dip her pacifier in sugar and let her suck away!!

Cassie said...

Really? Like straight up in the sugar bowl and in her moouth?!?! Sweet. We use Splenda, is that ok?! Thanks!

Meagan said...

Yep...it's a trick my grandma taught me!! It works 90 percent of the time. Not sure about the Splenda though...I've always used regular sugar.

Melissa Cheek said...

I make my own laundry detergent, it is cheaper and pretty simple to make. Works just as well as the store bought kind!