This Prety Much Sums Up Our Weekend...

Monday, August 16, 2010

This Prety Much Sums Up Our Weekend...

A lot of R&R.
Ms. Stella could not get comfortable sleeping and so I just said fine, lay however you want, and this is how she ended up.  So cute!!
Nothing too exciting for us this weekend.  Celebrated Grandpa Steibel's 70th Birthday - everyone went together and got him $70 worth of scratchers, and he hardly one.  A free ticket here and there and a $2 here and there, but no big!!  Oh well, that Steibel luck can't work every time.

But some good news, our friends The Luke's signed a contract on a house in Waterloo!! 
Yay, they will be so much closer.  They are hoping a buyer comes along soon for their house in Cahokia.  If anyone is looking let me know!


Kim Luke said...

your the best!! LOVE YOU!!!