PIctures Tonight!

Friday, June 25, 2010

PIctures Tonight!

We will be heading to Creative Bent tonight for Stella's next picture session!!  So excited.  We just LOVE Judith and Anna.  But boy are they in for a surprise when they see Ms. Stella.  Last time they saw her she was just 3 days only and only weighing 6 pounds.  Ha, watch out, here comes Ms. Fifteen Pounder!

No new pictures for today folks sorry.  Well, I do have a pretty nasty picture of this thing Josh has on his leg, but since I don't know what time most of you read this blog, I will save you from upchucking whatever you just ate.  Needless to say we had to make an emergency walk to my Mom's house last night to get a bottle of peroxide.  And after cleaning it all out, we probably now need to go and by her a new bottle (even though her's was expired 05/08).  So yeah, let's hope we don't have to cut his leg off by the end of the week (just kidding) but it's pretty nasty!  It's like a mix of a scrape, with a burn on top, and then chigger bites inside of it.  Yuck.  Ha, now sit and think about that lovely picture for the rest of the day.  lol.

Have a good weekend!!