Weekend Wrap-Up

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Boy oh boy did we have a busy weekend.

Friday night we met the Luke's for dinner at Tequila's.  Little Landon would not spot holding Ms. Stella's hand.  It was so precious.  And everytime his momma would hold Stella he was sure to check her out. 
I am sure in about 15 years from now when they go on their first date, they will hate us for this picture.  But for right now, it's so cute!!

Ms. Stella is getting so big and so strong.  She loves sitting up like this and looking around.  Espically in church so she can check everyone out.  She is getting to be pretty nosey!!
On Friday when I picked Stella up from the daycare, this little number was wrapped up for me and said Happy Mother's Day on the bag.  How adorable!!  It went straight on the fridge!!
The rest of my Mother's Day was full of an arrangment of flowers sent to work on Friday from Daddy and Stella, and my car washed.  Also, Daddy took a pen and put it in Stella's hand and helped her sign my card.  It was so cute!

 So Saturday afternoon Ms. Stella and I joined Kim and Austin Brothers and Lacie for a trip to the St. Louis Mills Mall.  We had so much fun and shopped till we dropped!!  So when we came home Kim got the carseat base out of her van and we told Josh to put it back in my Escape.  He said sure.  So Sunday morning rolls around and Stella and I are loading up the car for church.  I put her in the car and back out of the driveway.  We get to the end of the street and make the first turn and the next thing I know Stella's carseat is moving, rolling, FLIPPING.  Her carseat has turned upside down and all I see is the base IN THE AIR!  I stop the car, shaking, jump out and get her flipped upright in the back seat.  She is just smiling away, like, "that was fun Momma" and I am about to burst into tears.  Come to find out, Daddy never CLIPPED THE CARSEAT BACK INTO PLACE!!  He just sat it in the car and then forgot to finish the job.  Needless to say he got a very unpleasant phone call from a very scared and upset Mommy.  He knew he was in big trouble because by time we got out of church, he had drove over to my car and put the carseat in properly.  Whew!!
So I guess needless to say, we won't have a scared child when we go to Six Flags when she gets older because she enjoyed her little roller coaster ride in the back seat.  :)

On Sunday Stella also got to meet her two new cousins, Tessa and Avery Ervin.  Stella looked so big compared to them, it made me so sad.  She is growing up so fast!!  And to think, that Stella was once that size!!  I picked up one of the twins (sorry Beth, I can't tell them apart just yet) and she was light as a feather.  And then I got to holding Stella and she seems so heavy!!!  Just blows my mind!!

We also took a picture with Great Grandma and Grandpa Steibel.  Three Great Grandaughters now for them.  I wonder if he will get 9 in a row like last time before he gets a Great Grandson!