Just a few random pics

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just a few random pics

Ready to party in my new dress from Mary Jany.  I had a full day, went to a Scentsy party at Kathy McConachie's, boy was I the party crashier.  I wasn't very happy at the party and cried the majority of the time.  I hope that changes because we are going to be doing some swimming at her house this year!!

Mommy thought a bow would go really good with my outfit.  Stella thought differently.  We didn't even bring the bow with us.

Daddy watched me while Mommy worked at Country Kitchen.  When she came home she found me wearing this little outfit:  Daddy's Little Deer.  I think Daddy has a secret fashion side.  :)

Bathtime means it's close to eating time.  So let's just naw on our hand until the bottle is ready.

Yes, I look like my Dad 100% in the picture.  And yes, my socks are pulled up like an old man.  Blame my parents. 


Kacie said...

She was NOT a party crasher at all!!!!!!!! She is just not a scentsy fan! =)

Cassie said...

This is true. I guess she just loves Thirty One. Hopefully she is good at the PartyLite party. If she is anything like her momma she will be a happy baby because there are going to be cocktails!! lol.

kimluke said...
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kimluke said...

aww! Landon bought Stella the Daddys Little Deer outfit!!! :)