Wednesday, April 7, 2010


After a rough first few days we have finally decided on a daycare!!

Stella and I went to Tammy's last week to check out her place and see how a normal day goes. Everything was great, we were so excited to start there on Monday.
So Monday rolls around and everything goes smoooth with the drop off. I didn't cry, Stella didn't cry and everything was good. However, as I drove to work, I suddenly realized I probably need to hurry up. Time was becoming a huge issue. So as I flew to work, needing to get gas, and making it to the parking lot by 8:01, I was stressed out already! Luckily, I had tons to do at work that day so the day flew by and I didn't have much time to think about Stella being at the baby sitter. Four o'clock rolled around and it again was a rush to get to the sitters by 5:00 so that I did not have a pay a late fee. When I finally made it to her house at 5 minutes till 5:00, I felt like a horrible Mom. She was the first child to be dropped off and almost the last child to be picked up. I was stressed to the max!
Then to top it all off, she was a sweaty mess, had a horrible day (I guess because of the new atmosphere), her rash on her face was horrible, and had spit up a bunch the whole day. Bring on the tears from this Momma. I was a mess. Something had to change. So that night I called the sitter and told her that Stella would not be there on Tuesday.
I had my mind set that we would try out the daycare in town, Discovery Youth Center. I had checked out the place the week before and got a great vibe. The pirce was a little higher, but they provided formula so that would save us some money. So Tuesday morning came and Stella and I trotted into the Daycare. Everyone there was so helpful and welcomed us with open arms. And even better, she wasn't the first person dropped off!! So we got everything settled and before I knew it I was back in the car and on my way to work, with plenty of time to spare! I decided to call at lunch to see how she was doing and I got such a great report!! She was eating great, took a couple naps and was just a happy baby!! Whew, such a relief. All I could think about was how great it was going to feel picking her up in a few hours. So I left work at 4 and headed home. I arrived at the daycare around 4:50 to see a beautiful, smiling, happy and content baby!! I was so happy! Her teacher gave me such a great report and even told me that she made her first art project! The tears came. lol. I was so excited and my mind was set.
That night I called Tammy and told her that she would not work out because of my schedule and that Ms. Stella wouldn't be coming back. No hard feelings and everything was great.

So we are startin Day 2 at Discovery today and I am so happy!! PTL!